Sell Your Home Without Any Delays

Before you list your home for sale, you'll need a listing inspection. We'll inspect your home and identify any issues you need to fix before you have a buyer on the scene. From your plumbing to your crawl space, we'll examine every part of your home. We want you to be fully educated on the results of your inspection. At First Due Home Inspection, we take the time to do a walkthrough with our customers to show them what we find. First Due Home Inspection is here for you every step of the way.

Schedule your pre-listing inspection in Lakewood, Avon & Westlake, OH now.

Wondering if you need an inspection?

If you want a quick closing, you'll want an inspection to make sure your sale goes smoothly. With a pre-listing inspection, you can:

  • Avoid complications with your closing
  • Prevent the need for costly repairs before selling
  • Identify any potential items your buyer may need resolved

With a proper inspection before you have a buyer, you can identify and resolve any issues with your property. This can make selling easier down the road.

If you need an inspection, call us today.